Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action

Affirmative Action Policy

  • TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited recognizes that diversity in the workplace positively impacts business. The Company is committed to provide equal employment opportunities for the socially disadvantaged.
  • The Company will encourage business entrepreneurs from socially disadvantaged communities through mentoring and by inclusion in supply chain on the basis of equal merit.
  • The Company will continue to assist the talented youth from marginalized communities by increasing their access to quality education through its Scholarship schemes.
  • The Company will report its Affirmative Action initiatives in its annual Sustainability Report.


Code of Conduct for Affirmative Action

  • TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited affirms that its growth and competitiveness is interlinked with the well being of all sections of Indian society.
  • The Company also affirms that diversity to include socially disadvantaged sections of the society in the workplace has a positive impact on business.
  • The Company will neither practice nor support discrimination in any form. It shall be an equal opportunity employer.
  • The Company shall ensure that employment is not denied to applicants belonging to disadvantaged sections of society merely on account of their status if such applicants are otherwise suitable.
  • The Company will publicize the Affirmative Action Policy in the workplace.
  • The Company will place its Affirmative Action Policy and employment opportunities on its website in order to encourage applications from socially disadvantaged sections of society.
  • The Company shall devote efforts for up-skilling and continual training of all employees including those from socially disadvantaged sections of society through its skill development programmes.
  • The Company has a Scholarship Programme operating in its schools in order to support and aid needy students including those from socially disadvantaged sections of society.
  • The Company will have a senior executive accountable to the CEO to oversee and promote its Affirmative Action policies and programmes. He/She will present a biannual report to the Board of the Company about the functioning of such policies and programmes.
  • As a good corporate citizen, the Company shall extend its learning and experience in Affirmative Action to other companies desiring to incorporate such practices in their own business.


Major Initiatives

    • Employment

      The Company follows the spirit of positive discrimination at the time of recruitment. In fact, relaxation of criteria with respect to height and qualifying marks in case of SC/ST candidates is made. This relaxation is only to facilitate them to appear interview with other candidates. During the interview positive discrimination in favour of the SC/ST candidate is made provided he or she has performed equal with the other candidates. Besides, engagement of competent SC/ST people is encouraged in different institutions such as Clubs, Schools, Co-Operative Society etc.

    • Employability 

      The company has established a state-of-art Self Employment Skill Development Institute (SESDI) now renamed “TRL Krosaki-SBI RSETI” at Belpahar with an investment of approx.. Rs. 1.8 Crores in April, 2009. The establishment of this institute is a unique step towards promoting employability and entrepreneurship amongst the unemployed youths particularly from SC & ST community. Unemployed youth are trained for short durations at the Institute to enhance their skills in different trades like welding, carpentry, masonry, electric wiring, mobile repairing , plumbing and pump set repairing, repairing of TVs and electronic appliances etc., which help them become employable. The institute aims to help the unemployed youth of the region, particularly from the underprivileged section of society to take up self employment or wage employment and to promote entrepreneurship. It is modeled on the Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI), approved by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India. State Bank of India has now joined hands with TRL Krosaki to manage the institute from this year.

      The institute, which offers free residential training, has completed 2 years and has established its reputation in the eyes of stakeholders. It has already trained 707 youths (including SC/ST students) in 41 batches in various trades. Around 80 per cent of the successful candidates have either found gainful employment or have opted to start their own enterprises. Besides imparting training, the institute also tracks the progress of the successful trainees for two years and mentors and guides them, when required. During the year 2010-11, the number of SC/ST students who passed out from the Institute and those who are gainfully engaged after passing out are listed below.

      Total ST/SC students passed out from TRL KROSAKI-SBI RSETI during FY:2010-11 out of total 406 passed out trainees.

      Trade Trainees Category List
      SC ST
      Computer Tally
      1 3
      AC & Fridge Repairing
      2 2
      Computer DTP
      2 4
      Dress Design (Women)
      9 23
      7 5
      Electrical Wiring
      4 1
      6 21
      Home Nursing
      6 8
      Mobile Repairing
      3 1
      Motor Winding
      5 7
      Plumbing & Pump Set Repairing
      0 3
      TV. & Electronics Appliances Repairing
      1 6
      4 15
      0 13
      7 18
      Grand Total
      64 135
      16% 33%

      Total SC/ST students gainfully engaged after passing out from TRL KROSAKI-SBI RSETI Out of total 272

      Gainfully engaged SC ST Total
      Wage employed 24 66 90
      Self Employed 12 05 17
      Grand Total 36 71 107
      Percentage 13% 26% 39%

      The institute now plans to extend the scope of the training programmes to include agriculture and the agro-based industry.

    • Entrepreneurship 

      The Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI) established at Belpahar would go a long way in promoting and developing future entrepreneurs. The institute provides initial planning support by arranging counseling sessions for the passed out students by the Banks, District Industries Centre etc.. This helps in explaining to them about various Govt. schemes and sources of financial support. Besides, the institute follows up with the passed out students for the next two years to keep track and help the candidate in his / her entrepreneurship endeavor. During the year, after taking training from the institute, around 24 persons (including SC/ST students) have started their own entrepreneurship ventures.

      Besides, Vocational training on Sewing and embroidery is being imparted to women through 13 sewing class centres in the Lakhanpur Block. This is coordinated by the CD & SW Dept. of TRL Krosaki. The duration of the training is 12 months including practical test followed by written test. After the training, these women start their own tailoring shop or start earning their livelihood by sewing clothes at home. Support is also provided to them for arranging financial support from banks.

    • Education


Perfermance Highlights for FY:2009-10 & 2010-11

Particulars FY:2009-10 FY:2010-11 Gr. Total
Total trainees passed 301 406 707
Total Batches 18 23 41
No.of trades completed 8 16 19
No. of Trainees in Core Trades 301 320 621
No. of SHG Members trained 0 57 57
No.of SC/ST person trained 115 119 314
No of women trained 0 85 85
No of trainees in Advance course 0 29 29
No of trainees wage employed 208 155 363
No. of trainees Self Employed 20 117 137
Total No. of trainees gainfully engaged 228 272 500